About Us

Welcome to Archana Group of Hotels Madurai. Archana Hotels is a Group of V.V.M & Sons Madurai. There are Three Restaurants in Madurai serving the tasty & healthy foods for you taste buds either it is Vegeteraian or Non-Vegeterian continentals.Over the years they mastered the art of using spice to give one???s taste buds the best food experience. Hotel Archana with more than 20 Years of Experience is spreading its wings to give customers a homely dining experience. The freshness of its products and the use of secret home around recipes bring the food lovers in search of those unique dishes that can be found exclusively at Hotel Archana.

The recepies have been passed and tried down from generation to generation and it has been used and changed to suit the present generation , keeping mind to maintain the traditional methods fused with the latest technology to give a very tasty traditional food which is more like veetu saapadu. Hotel Archana, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this competitive food industry by offering simple but yet delicious food keeping mind the quality and quantity and hygiene. We do not use any artificial flavors or mono-sodium glutamate. Our masala's are freshly grounded. We try to preserve and enhance the original flavour of the spices , hence we are able to give quality food to satisfy the taste of our clients to utmost satisfaction.

In modern times Indian pallete has undergone a lot of change. In the last decade, as a result of globalisation, a lot of Indians have travelled to different parts of the world and vice versa there has been a massive influx of people of different nationalities in India. This has resulted in Indianisation of various international cuisines. We at Hotel Archana keep ourselves uptodate in the industry Ariivals and changes thus our expert chef team comes with new ideas and new dishes that guaranty your taste buds that everlast a unforgettable memories of tasty foods.

  • Smiling Service
  • Finest Hospitality
  • Richest experience on dine board
  • Varieties and Versatiles
  • Clean and Pleasant Environtment
  • Door Delivery Facility